Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Work From Home Mondays

Well ~that~ didn't go well at all.

Due to the increase of daycare rates and the fact I simply don't have $2,881/month spare change to pay for full time, we have decreased our care to 4 days/week. This means every Monday, I will work from home. I am a self professed bad "work from home" employee and I try not to ever do it. When someone is sick or the roads are thick with ice or snow, that's one thing, as it's rare, but I don't like having a set schedule for WFH days.

My plan is this ...
~ I only have 11 weeks before maternity leave. Due to that, I don't have large projects nor anything new on my plate. So I'll just take it easy and won't stress on my Mondays until I go into labor.
~ Then I'll have 12 weeks maternity leave.
~ I'll be back mid-April (if I deliver when due) and my parents will be back in Colorado by then. (they are snowbirds - living in colorado in summer and arizona in winter). My mom has graciously offered to watch the children on any Monday she isn't out of town so I can go into the office. Cool.
~ Ella will go to kindergarten in August, so that will be back to having 2 kids in full time. I'm just going to work towards that budget.

I have moved my office into my living room, to a little corner desk next to the entertainment center. This is going to take some getting used to because I used to be in the back office, away from the hustle/bustle of the house. I declared the day to be "movie Monday" which lasted about an hour. Then I decided to run a lunch errand with the children and ended up being gone almost 2 hours. Definitely not good for the 'ole career. I had to work after the kids went to bed to make up my time. I can't do that every Monday!

Anywho, thank goodness it's Tuesday!

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Sarah R said...

I am jealous of your accommodating workplace. If they could put the timeclock at my house, I would totally work from home (some of the time--I have to be at work to do interviews and meet with employees after they are hired).

I don't think that's an option for my boss because he practically FREAKS when I'm gone a day.