Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yay for the "stupid teenager tricks"!!!

I finally got a big group of teenagers without costumes. A few of them got a pass, as one said he was a baseball player (hat and t-shirt of same team, so I accepted that one) and one had a hoodie that when zipped all the way up, the hood created a mask, complete with crazy plastic eye thingies. Although both those boys would just wear those clothes on any day, they worked it enough for me to say okay.

But one of the girls said "I'm a boy" and just had on normal clothes. She had done her hair and makeup in her normal girl style, so that wasn't acceptable. She ended up doing jumping jacks for me while all her friends laughed. I told them all to shut up because at least she ~tried~ to do a trick and they were all wearing lame costumes. She said "yeah, shut up!" and I gave her the most candy. It was funny. They all were cool with me and wished me a good night.

I had ~a lot~ of moms come to the door carrying little teeny babies dressed up in cute costumes. Okay, that's fine, but they were asking for candy! Come on, a 15 week old baby doesn't need candy. I could see going to your next door neighbor's house for the "first halloween" picture, but going door to door, street by street, collecting a huge bag of candy? Lame.

Living in the ghetto is so entertaining though, I'll give it that.


MrsSpock said...

I dressed my son up but there's no way in hell I would ever use him to collect candy. My fat butt doesn't need to be eating candy, anyway. I had several neighbors come around with their babies, but only to take pictures with their baby and my son. There's a lot of turnover in this neighborhood, so they used the holiday to introduce themselves. No one was lame enough to try and get some goodies for themselves.

margelina said...

That's fucking hilarious, Nancy!! live in the ghetto? For reals, or are ya joking, lol.

Jen said...

Oh I hear you on the teenagers not wearing costumes! Of course we live in a ghetto too as do our friends whose halloween party we were at. I love that you had them do tricks though!

I usually love dressing up for halloween but didn't have the energy this year. I told my friends that getting out of the house with make-up on constituted a costume for me these days, LOL.

Jewels said...

That is so funny, I had a group of theenager kids come, one was dressed as an Old lady so I said "Aren't you a little old to be trick or treating?", The look of horror on her face was priceless - then she realized I was talking about her costume - not her being old. We all laughed - especially her friends at her.

Jennifer said...

I love the teenage "tricks." My Mom asked if Abby had fun trick or treating...I didn't take her. She's one. I dressed her and took her to friends and to see Grandparents, but not door to door. It doesn't make sense. I'd only be getting candy for me because I'm not letting her eat it. What's the point then. She was 3 weeks last year and I dressed her up took pictures and hung out at home.

jenn said...

Fantastic! I too live in the quasi-ghetto. The real deal people dying in the streets ghetto is a few neighborhoods south from me. You can tell when they start to come up north to the 'nice hood' to get their trick or treating done. About half actually have pretty decent creatively done costumes- which I love to see. But there is a lot of not dressed up at all teenagers. I've always just refused them candy- but stupid human tricks sounds much better!