Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm overwhelmed.

I just can't be a stay at home mom for much longer. Either that, or I'm going to have to change things up.

Staying at home is just the same thing everyday.

7am - wake up
730a - breakfast
8a - playtime
930a - 1130a - karl's nap
12 - lunch
1230p - 330p - playtime
3:30p - pick up Ella
3:40p-5:30 - karl's nap
6p - dinner
7p - playtime or bathtime
8pm - bedtime

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

I need something else. But I don't have any money. And it's cold out. What can I do INSIDE for free with the kids? We need something. Or I will slowly go insane.


Jules said...

It will get better as the weather warms up and you guys can play outside. Hang in there!

Kristin said...

You guys could make play dough or salt dough ornaments.

One day when I was a nanny, the weather was nasty and the kids were bored. I covered the floor with newspaper, stripped them to their underwear, and let them finger paint each other. It was loads of fun.

Family Fun magazine has a fabulous online site with great cheap and easy activities.

Also, check your local library. They often have story or activity hour for the little guys and it's free.

{{{Hugs}}}, you can survive. You are one tough lady.

Kate said...

gee, sounds alot like my day :P

my tricks to keep from going insane while spending your entire day with babies:
lots of "art" projects-- we do finger painting with food coloring & yogurt or pudding, homemade, edible play dough
water time-- i fill the old baby tub with water & turn them loose.
same thing with a tub full or flour or cornstarch. it's messy, but they love it.
story time at the local library.
our mall has a play area, so we occasionally hit that. my guys are 12 mos, so they're too young for the equipment, but they like going all the same.
& random trips to grandma's or visits from friends are essential for me.

good luck & hang in there-- summer is coming!!

Sarah R said...

Can you join a playgroup? That's what I'd be doing, but I'm not sure if that's your thing or not.

Anonymous said...

join your local MOMS Club. '

Glennformer said...

New Schedule:

7am - wake up
730a - breakfast
8a - playtime
830a text me
930a start Karl's nap
945a call me
1130a - end Karl's nap
12 - lunch
1230p start playtime
1245p text me
330p end playtime
3:30p - pick up Ella
3:40p begin Karl's nap
4:00p call me
5:30 end Karl's nap
6p - dinner
7p - playtime or bathtime
8pm - bedtime

Seems like friends and relatives spend a lot of time playing Farmville on-line with their kids. You can play Lexulous on-line. You can plan your next trip to the zoo. You can check the weather in Monument, Pueblo, Grand Junction, and Boulder and plot the results on graph paper.

jenn said...

know there are a ton of free things in my city- you can search for a local website that will e-mail you coupons & ideas... (philly has one called funsavers)
I agree with the moms group- may be a great way to break up a few days with playdates.
The hub goes through this too. thank goodness we have house renovations & my bil here to keep him busy. Imagine being stuck with no second car! It ~is~ tough- but it will get better!
(And you can always insert text/e-mail me anywhere in there you want!)

K77 said...

Make playdough and add kitchen utensils. Stick a huge piece of paper on the wall and create a mural. Visit the library/museum/art gallery/other free place. Craft. Build a fort using sheets/blankets over furniture. Playdates. Science experiments. A talent show. Dress ups. A mystery trip on random public transport services. Make musical instruments and play them. Make finger/hand puppets. Bake. Practice somersaults on a mattress on the floor. Dance...........

Anonymous said...

I give you a lot of credit for staying at home. I know I couldn't do it, sometimes by Sunday afternoon, I am aching to go back to work just for a little peace and quiet!

MrsSpock said...

Story time at the library? There are plenty of low-cost art classes and music classes at our YMCA. A mom's group? I joined a mom's group (that I had nothing in common with) when I stayed home with J, and they usually had an activity or playdate once a day at someone;s house, the library, or indoor play area at the mall.

Birdee said...

Maybe some volunteer work will help until we hit warmer weather.
I have a friend who has 6 kids and is a SAHM (and a kick ass one at that). She started volunteering at the battered women’s shelter once a week. She called me so excited and said "I don’t need antidepressants any more! I'm not depressed, I'm just bored!"

Hollie said...

There are a lot of good ideas here! I hope you can find some fun things to do with the kids and for you to stay busy. Warmer weather coming should help with that.

It's funny that you and I find ourselves in opposite situations with you staying home and me working and both of us are longing to be in each other's shoes. I try to remind myself that plenty of mom would love to be working outside of the house.

Traci said...

Here are some free things that we do on a regular basis:
~Library Storytime
~Mall play area (we are sure to disinfect when we leave)
~Barnes & Noble Train table/kids book area\
~Browse Target/Toys R Us (without buying) to get birthday ideas. On a regular basis. I take pics with my cell phone and sent to family when they ASK for ideas. Passes TONS of time.
~Invite friends over to the kids can play while you clean/email/etc.

:) Enjoy being at home with your kiddos!!!