Monday, March 1, 2010

Karl is so smart!

My kids constantly surprise me with what they know. When Ella came home one day from daycare and wrote her name, I was flabbergasted. When Allison counted to twenty in Spanish, I was floored.

Today, Karl was the one who shocked me by showing me he knows his eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

He was in my lap while I was sitting on the couch and I asked him, "Where's Karl's nose?" He immediately pointed to his nose and gave me a big grin. Next up was his mouth where he stuck his fingers in his mouth. His eyes and ears followed. Then I asked him where mommy's nose was. A tiny little baby hand quickly pinched my nose.

I had no idea he knew this. We spent the weekend at Tom's parent's house and I heard his mom going over eyes/ears/nose/mouth with him. I guess that was enough because he's got them down pat.

Amazing. Who knew a little baby touching his nose would bring me such joy?

What are all your little ones doing now? What's their newest trick?


joyous melancholy said...

Isn't it amazing?! My little one (20 months) somehow learned to count to 10 and identify each number, knows all the letters of the alphabet (not in order yet), learned his colors and his shapes. Without me even noticing! He just started reciting these things to me.

He's not in preschool or daycare, and I'm his only caregiver during the day. Daddy's home at night. It's just us.

I'm giving credit to Blue's Clues. Because it's either that, or someone is sneaking in my house at night and drilling him with flashcards or something.

Once we realized he knew these things, we started playing with numbers and letters, and playing shapes games and color games, to reinforce it. But we didn't push it with him, we certainly didn't sit down to teach him how to count to 10. He KNOWS the numbers mean, too, he can count his blocks or his cookies.

I'm impressed. =)

Lisa said...

That's very cool! Isn't it amazing how smart they are and how quickly they learn.

My boys are into letters and numbers. I cannot believe that at not even 2 they know the entire alphabet and can recognize every letter! Their vocabulary is also growing by the minute and I think we will start introducing the second language very soon. Do your girls speak Spanish as well as English? If they do, when did you start teaching them? How did it go?

areyoukiddingme said...

Their little brains are incredible! Karl is a smart one! I despair that my girl will not count from 12 to 20 for anything, but she can put together a map of the United States without help. And, since she's 3, she talks non-stop!

Christina said...

That's great!
Annika just started rolling over from tummy to back. Now everytime we pass a mirror we wave and say "hi", we're hoping she'll catch on. Right now she just smiles really big.

Hollie said...

That is great that your kids are showing you new things!

Chesley knows tummy, feet, toes, and hands. We're still working on the rest.

Jen said...

Jillian likes to point out mommy's eyes. I just have to make sure to close them first or I'll get a big poke!

Her favorite thing to do these days is give kisses. After daddy got her ready for bed last night she ran into the living room and gave me a big kiss before running into her room. It seriously made my heart melt!

Jenera said...

How fun! With Aidan in preschool he's learning all kinds of new things. He's known his letters and numbers for awhile but he's writing and drawing much more than before. Sam, he's just getting into the walking thing.

Morgan Owens said...

Aww way to go Karl!! Mason is finally walking but we have a problem, he wont walk frontwards only side to side with his feet lol!

I posted a link on my blog to Mason's professional pics if you want to check them out! It's about 3 posts down from the current one.

jenn said...

Yay Karl! Genius kids- they're all so great!
Caiden is clapping her hands & dances, she also has started to feed herself dinner. She refuses to eat without having her own fork or spoon & will pick up food with her fingers, put it on the spoon & then eat it! She also dips her spoon into the jar of food that I feed her from. She just started it last week & it blew my mind!

Nic said...

Yay for Karl's first steps. And knowing body parts already, that's definitely impressive! (Timmy did toes, bellybutton, nose, teeth, and tongue at 15 months). He's 17 months now, and surprised me today as we were reading a push and pop book - the question on the page was "what flies up in the sky? Is it a truck? No little Joe, it's a plane" as soon as I finished the first question, he responded, "pane!" (plane). I wasn't pointing at it or anything. And he has over 250 words.

Great question, it's fun to actually get to brag a little :)

Tara said...

Ruby grabbed a kleenex out of the box on her change table and started "blowing her nose" in it. I have no idea when/where she learned it. Blows my mind the things they take in and remember.

Glennformer said...

I don't have any little ones but, on behalf of my mother, I'd like to report that I can tie my shoes now and she's thrilled about it.