Friday, March 19, 2010

Yesterday it was in the 60s. Today it's snowing.

We took advantage of the nice weather yesterday by going to the park.

Karl being the big boy that he is and climbing on top of everything. Notice the hurley shirt and red converse. Bad ass, eh?

He also ~digs~ swinging!

Ella is also my climber. She'll get on top of anything and everything!

Allie stays low. She likes this chain walk a lot.

And today it's in the 20s and snowing. You gotta love colorado!


Shannon said...

The kids are so cute! Karl is getting so big. We also had 60 degree weather yesterday and today is in the low 30's. Thankfully no snow for us.

I'm so excited for summer!!!

Misty Dawn said...

Karl is getting big! Great pics thx for sharing. Today we have 70's here and I"m loving it. Just wish the boss would let us out early.

Lisa said...

Glad you had a chance to enjoy the nice weather. We are enjoying Spring-like weather here also, but apparently the snow should be coming back next week.

The kids are all so cute look like they are doing amazing! Great job!!

mommybird said...

We had the exact same thing here. I'm glad I let the kids play outside yesterday while they had the chance.

Jamie said...

Similar story here, only we're a day behind. 70 today, snow tomorrow.

Karl looks like a little man!!

jenn said...

Karl!!! He's a boy now- where's the baby?!

They all look so happy- I love Allie's grin.

I think I'm going to bring Caiden to the park tomorrow and get some good pics.
It was 70's today- we went to manhattan for the day. So awseome... until the 90 degree bus ride back home. ugh.

Jenera said...

They are getting so big! And so cute!

Sarah R said...

Aw, they're all so cute!

We have had the nice weather and now it's really cold again -- BUT we have no snow (which was originally forecasted for today), so yay! Next week is going to be in the 60s again. I love spring.

edenland said...


Oh my goodness Nancy, wow. He is so so adorable, as are both your girls.


Kristin said...

Karl is definitely bad-ass and your girls are perfectly wonderful!

Liz said...

He's so big!