Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy One Month Birthday Karl!

Picture tomorrow, but for right now, happy one month birthday to my baby boy!

One month. Holy shit, eh?!


Poltzie said...

Yeah eh! (are you a secret Canadian?) hehe!
Happy One MOnth Karl!!
Ps. Hope you are feeling better!

nancy said...

I was thinking of you yesterday - when I decided to steal your idea of holding up the "I'm 1 month old today!" signs in the pictures. :)

and I always use "eh" and think how I sound secretly canadian each time. heh.

Jenera said...

Happy 1 month!!! Mine hit 2 months last week and I'm shocked. It seems like time is flying and dragging at the same time!

Hope you are doing better today.

Morgan said...

Happy 1 month Karl! Damn, where does time go?

Swinette said...

Happy one month to Karl! Mine will be 9 months on Friday, and I'm amazed at how much faster the time has gone with #2 than it did with #1!

Kaci said...

Happy One Month Karl!!