Thursday, February 5, 2009

Purple and Pink.

Ella likes pink. Allison likes purple.

Okay, easy enough. Plenty of things are made in both colors and I try to make the kids happy. But now I see my error. Allison gets Ella's hand me downs. And so much of it is pink. Poor thing. Not only is she totally stuck getting hand me downs all the time, she is reminded of it everyday because it's pink.

I hate hand me downs. I don't really know why, as I never had to have them, but it just sucks to buy Ella a new wardrobe every time she goes up a size and give all of Ella's stuff to Allison. Makes me feel like shit. I always buy Allison a few things in purple so she has her own stuff, but still, it sucks.

The good thing about them being so close together is eventually they will be wearing the same size. They already crossover in shirts and most likely shorts this summer. Soon they will just have one giant wardrobe. It won't last for long though, as I'm sure they will develop their own style and what works for one won't work for the other. But hopefully it won't be that bad.

I also plan on ~always~ having some things that are just theirs, which they do NOT have to share. I do that now with some things, which works out well. They have to share everything, all the time, so having a few items they don't have to share? They love it. Ella's blanket. Allison's pillow. A baby doll. A toy. It's something I am very glad I did, as I can see how special they feel when they ~don't~ have to share something. And each girl has their things, so they don't put up a fight about it at all. Ever. I also have this rule about their beds. Each girls bed is their bed alone. Before the other can go on it, they have to ask the other. It makes their bed their special place. A place of their ~own~ when living in such a small house and forced to share a bedroom.

Those with multiple children - do you have the same such rules? Any advice you would like to share about hand me downs?


Jenera said...

I didn't even think about this whole dilema now that we have two boys. Hmmmm, I gave away so many of Aidan's things to people who needed them that we don't have much in the way of hand me downs so I think we are good there. I do know that when Sam is older there will be an issue I think with toys. Aidan loves semi trucks and so he has several very nice toys that he doesn't want anyone to touch. I think we'll have to make sure that there are few toys or things like that which they have all to themselves.

Julie said...

Hmmm, the only thing I can add about the hand me downs is that Camryn loves doing everything like her sister right now. So, we make it out like it's some special thing that "yay, you get to wear your big sissies clothes now". Camryn so doesn't even care, which I'm sure will change one of these days so I'm taking advantage of it cost-wise while I can. I agree, having special things for both of them that they don't have to share is a great idea when the bulk of everything else is common property.

Are you finding yourself yet having to buy two of the same thing so they don't fight?

nancy said...

Julie - Nope. I used to buy everything in twos for that reason, but I just had so much stuff and the doubles drove m nuts, so I refuse now. I still have some issues at times, but I try to show them how getting one of everything means they get a whole different toy, instead of just two of the same thing.

As for Allison caring about the clothes? Not at all - she is just like camryn, in she wants to be just like her big sister. For now - it's completely my thing.

Steph said...

I have 2 girls that are 21 months apart (5 and 3 1/2). The little one gets hand-me-downs but I always buy her new stuff too because I feel like crap if I don't.

The 2've saved some of the oldest boy's clothes for the baby but the oldes is almost 8 and the baby is 7 months, LOL. I stored them in Space Bags to keep them clean and stuff.

All my kids have so much stuff they don't really notice and Emily loves finally getting to wear that shirt that Abbie would never let her touch. ;)

But they wear almost the same size now, Abbie is 5 and wears a 5T shirt and 4T pants, Emily is 3 1/2 and wears a 4T shirt and 3T pants. Some of Emily's stuff, Abbie can wear, and vice versa.

Except shoes. I am constantly buying shoes for the oldest 3.

The bed rule rocks. I'm going to employ that, my girls share a room, too. Awesome rule.


Steph said...

I meant to add, that Abbie gets mad when I buy them both the same thing. She hates it. But I still do it cause it's just easy to pick up the same thing in 2 sizes. I just try to throw in something different now and then to appease her. LOL


MrsSpock said...

My sister and I are 11 months apart, and I wore her old clothes as an infant, but eventually we were the same size by preschool. We were often given matching outfits, but my sister always chose the punk and I got stuck with the purple. Since she was older, she got to choose first and I always got hosed. I say if Allison doesn't care, why worry?

Kate said...

awesome idea about the beds! we're about to have twin boys, who will have to share a room & we've been worried about making sure they'll each have their own identity & space, (we got so damn mamny matching outfits as gifts its ridiculous!) & i really love the idea of having certain things that are not for sharing. i know i have no advice, i just had to compliment.

sacredandscarred said...

You could always dye Ella's old pink stuff purple for Allie :)

TTG wears TBB's old stuff. He does get a few new things now and again, mostly because he is a totally different body shape to what TBB was and things don't fit the same. Plus we're ECing with TTG so need easy-off pants.

With toys, I only kept the stuff that was in really good condition. TTG got his own new stuff at xmas. Mostly they both like to play with wooden blocks that used to be mine.