Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sleep is ~so~ overrated

Karl is sleeping in a normal average pattern for a newly born, breastfed baby. I'm not looking for long stretches of sleep yet, because I know eating a lot is still very important to him due to breast milk digesting quickly. If he sleeps 3 hours at a time, I'm cool with it. I've gotten a few 4 hour stretches, but honestly, I wouldn't want to go longer than that now.

His sleep pattern looks something like this:
9:30p - 12:30a, then up to nurse.
1a - 4a, up to eat
4:30a - 7a, up to eat
7:30a - 9am, eat and then stays awake.

But every 3rd night or so, the 4:30a-7a isn't sleep time. It's "let's stay awake and party!" time. He's content as long as he's getting some kind of attention, but no sleep. Then, around 6:30a/7am, he falls back asleep. Okay, fine.

But the problem is - I have 2 girls who wake up at 7am. So mommy being awake from 4:30a (it was 3:30a this morning) is ~not~ good. I don't know how long I'm going to make it today and napping isn't really much of an option.

I just got the kids out the door 30 minutes ago. Pediatrician appointment in an hour. Grocery shopping is next. I would skip that and come home, but I need to get veggies to make 2 veggie platters for the kid's valentine day parties tomorrow. Oh, and I have to get valentines and get them addressed to the kids in their classes and then supervise while the girls sign their names to all of them.


The bonus is I get to see a Colorado sunrise every few days. Karl and I stand at his window and watch it come up over the trees. Gotta look at the silver linings, eh?


Hollie said...

Chesley is sleeping similar to Karl. Things are getting better for us. I don't see how you do it with 3 kids. Hopefully your husband is off weekends to help you and let you get a little more sleep. I bet those sunrises are lovely. Take a pic one day if you can.

Jewels said...

There is nothing I love more about a day than watcing the sunrise, especially with a little infant.

Jenera said...

Sam is sleeping on about the same schedule. Except every few days I get a 6 hour stretch of sleep. Which is okay except Aidan usually picks those nights to not want to sleep.

Sarah R said...

Wow, it sounds exhausting just READING it. Haha. In the beginning, for some reason my body so easily adapted to running on little sleep. It really, really helped that I was on maternity leave for a little while so I could catch some ZZZZZZ's when Andrew was sleeping.

Heather said...

This looks exactly like the schedule Phoebe had when she was a baby. But I had no other children to take care of at the time. Thanks for the reminder of what I'll have to look forward to in June! The only thing I can think of is that when she started acting really alert at one of the early morning feedings, I stopped changing her diaper during that time. It seemed when I changed her at night/early AM it made her alert when I didn't want her to be. I can't remember how many months she was though.

Kaci said...

Yeah, that "sleep when the baby sleeps" advice is great, as long as it's an only child! I hope Karl doesn't decide he likes those sunrises so much he makes it a habit. ;)

areyoukiddingme said...

I've been wondering how you work it out with three kids. You are supermom!