Sunday, February 1, 2009

"I'm so tired I can't sleep"

This is a post-note after writing the below. How boring motherhood blogs get, eh? Detailed information of when I'm awake and when the baby sleeps. Good lord. Good thing I'm separating the two blogs eh? I can call this one "theboringlifeofnancy". I would be suprised if anyone read this - even other mommies. I don't blame anyone for skipping these posts!

In the words of the late, great kurt cobain, I'm exhausted. Karl just didn't want to sleep last night. I was actually feeling pretty "good" (as good as I can with a newborn and still fighting pneumonia) and stayed up with a ~sleeping~ baby in my arms from 10p-12a watching a movie. (john wayne gacy is scary.) So I get ready for bed, take karl with me to bed, who was in his moses basket. (I sleep in the nursery for now, putting karl in the bed next to me in his moses basket if he's already sleeping there or just in his crib. He sleeps better in the swing or bouncy seat, but if I don't crib train him now, it'll just be harder later.) We slept until 1am until he stirred enough to eat, which was time for him anywho. And then, by 330a, the kid was just chillin', eyes open, a little cranky but not crying a lot, and momma was tired.

I sent a couch-sleeping husband to bed at 945pm, who was sound asleep by 10p, so I woke him up for an hour's sleep. Karl ate at 1 and snacked during his wake time, I knew he'd want to eat a full meal around 430, so I woke up the non-complaining hubby with instructions to wake me up in an hour if karl was still awake and I'd take the baby back. I just really needed to sleep. I laid down at 3:32am and was sleeping by 3:33am. I woke up at 5:10 to a very tired hubby sitting on the couch with him watching tennis of all things. (I heard hubby turn on the tv, which is a big no-no in training the baby to sleep at night, but I woke up the guy at 3:30 with no complaints, although it was dark, so there could have been some faces made, so I didn't try to correct him right then.)

5:10a-6:30a, he was still freaking awake. No clue how a baby can stay awake so long! At 6:30a, I laid a now sleeping baby in his crib, where he still is an hour later. And lucky me? I couldn't sleep. I knew the girls were waking up soon so maybe that was the reason. My legs ached as I laid there too, making sleep impossible.

I said "screw it" and got up at 7am, letting hubby sleep in today. He gets up everyday with the girls ~if~ I'm sleeping, so it's the least I can do. I can sleep later today. Although I do want to watch the superbowl. Go Arizona! (hey, I'm ~from~ arizona. I have to root for them if my beloved Pats aren't playing.)


jenn said...

ugh! All that on top of being sick! I hope you get a nap in & get to actually watch the superbowl! I can honestly say I could care less about it- as long as the Eagles didn't make it I am fine! (I live in super fan Eagles part of the city- people have blow up Donovan's 7' tall in their front yards when they are doing well & riot in the streets around my house when they win. This is why I love to see them lose!)

Hope you are feeling better soon!

The Captain's Wife said...

sleep....I am banking it currently. If only we could really do that. I have been taking full advantage of my maternity leave to sleep sleep and then sleep some more....all in preperation of being sleep deprived any minute now...(fingers crossed!)

Jason and Samantha said...

Hope you can get some sleep soon. That is one of the reasons I'm scared to have another baby.. I love my sleep.

Jenera said...

Sam is in his not wanting to sleep phase although he's been crying a lot through it. He's been eating every 3 hours on the dot for the last two days. At night, if I'm 1 minute past that 3 hours, he screams! Him and Aidan share a room and I'm so lucky that Aidan can sleep through anything. Last night the baby and I slept on the couch because every time I moved Sam, he's awake for at least two hours. I cannot wait 'til the hubby gets home so I can sleep!

Jenera said...

Oh I'll still totally read if you get completely boring lol.

Hollie said...

Hard times Nancy. I'm there with you. I don't get how the kids can stay up all night long. Good for you for letting hubby help you. You need rest.