Thursday, October 15, 2009

Total 100% Freak Outs

Today was a triple appointment with the pediatrician. Karl's 9 month well baby appointment, coupled with all three of them getting their flu shots. The girls were nervous, but we had been talking about it a lot, using the whole "knowledge is power" thing.

Karl went first. His stats were:
head: 18" - 65th %tile
height: 29.5" - 90th %tile
weight: 18 lbs 8.5 ozs - 25th %tile

Everything checked out great. He still has the remnants of a yeast infection (he took antibiotics a few weeks ago for another double ear infection and developed a terrible rash from it. It was so angry red and prickly, but didn't seem to bother him at all) but it is definitely getting better.

Then he got his flu shot. He cried for half a second and promptly stopped as soon as I picked him up.

Allison was all excited to go next. Whenever one of the girls gets to be "first" before the other one, it's a big thing. So Allison holds up her hand and says "I'M NEXT!" and jumps up on the table. And then the panic set in. She suddenly realized what exactly was about to happen and she starts shaking and crying. She is so tensed up that when the needle went in, it hurt and she SCREAMED. I mean on the top of her lungs scream. Which, in turn, panicked Ella.

Ella decided she was NOT going to get it done and totally flipped the hell out. She started screaming "NO! NO! NO!" and I had to physically pick her up and hold her down. She was screaming and kicking and as soon as it began, it was over.

I was mortified. Now, I understand that shots are scary, but my children do ~not~ act like this in public. Ever. I've never had to remove my children from anywhere due to their behavior, as they mind their manners when with me. I couldn't believe it. Once the nurse left, I let them know their behavior was ~not~ acceptable. I also was sure to give them lots of love because I know the situation was scary and shots are a big deal.

Well, that was my morning so far. Do I dare say "what's next?"


Morgan said...

Geez women, I'm sending you some Zanex. My nerves would be so bad.

Lisa said...

Glad to hear Karl's appointment went well.

I am so not looking forward to our next round of shots! Why is it that Mommy gets stuck doing all the awful stuff??

areyoukiddingme said...

If only they had the ability to ask to wait a minute because they're scared. Poor girls.

Glad Karl's appointment was uneventful...appears he's a tall, skinny dude.

Jenera said...

So far (knock on wood) Aidan has been fine with shots. He gets a bit pissed afterwards and gives the nurses looks that could kill. But no freakouts.

As far as freakouts in public-only once have I had to remove him from some place and I was so mad to have to do it.

Elana Kahn said...

The twins got their flu shots today too. Seeing as they are babies, they cried. Chana freaked out for a few minutes, but Dovid recovered pretty quickly. He then got all angry when we tried to put him back into his carseat. lol Oh well, what can you do!

jenn said...

dude- Caiden's such a freaking chunk! 18lbs 13 oz at her 6 month!!!

I'm sorry the little ladies had such a freak out- I don't remember ever getting shots with my sister in the room- pretty sure that's why!

Jen said...

I do know some adults who are the same way as Ella about shots!

Sounds like Karl's appointment went well. Boy is he a tall one! You asked where Jillian's measurements are in terms of percentiles and the doctor said she is about average for height and weight. So I looked it up online for more specifics and got 50th for weight (21 lbs 5 oz), 40th for height (29") and 97th for head (19").

Kristin said...

Don't say what's next! I made the mistake of declaring myself done with drama during Mel's lushery and then yesterday happened.

Denise said...


Hollie said...

Sounds like a fun day with the kids. You shouldn't be mortified. Kids don't like shots. At least now they should be less likely to get the flu.

JamieD said...

Poor girls!! If it's any consolation, it is amazing the number of adults I see who have the same reaction.

Yay for Karl!! I can't believe he's 9 months old.

the mol said...

Jesse weighs about that much. He's fat.

Anyhow...sometimes I wish that David would put up a little more fight. But I guess it would get old.

Poor kids--sucks to get shots but it's good for them. Give some extra kisses, of course!

RN Mama said...

I, for one, was very happy to read this. Last year my oldest daughter had a VCUG done, and her doctor (at the time) "forgot" to order it with anesthesia. She was 4 years old, and the test involved inserting a catheter, shooting dye in, and then watching it drain out. It was traumatizing for everyone. Fast forward to 6 months after that when I take both my daughters for flu shots. It turns out she is officially traumatized for life from this test. It took 4 people to hold her down. Last week, she screamed when she got the flu mist in her nose. If I decide to get them the H1N1 vaccine my husband is totally taking them!

akaiser said...

Karl seems to be doing great! Don't be too hard on the girls, it's understandable given the way things played out.

Question for you, are you getting the kids vaccinated for swine flu? I don't know about in CO but here they seem to be making a huge deal out of it. I personally was very hesitant, but the kids pedi insists its safe and a good idea, and that she will be giving it to her kids as well. I'm still undecided.