Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do you all need to knock on wood?

Or am I just the worst mother on the planet who allows her little ones to choke on random things? Or is there going to be at least one of you who says "Damn it. I shouldn't of said 'it doesn't happen to us' when I commented on Nancy's blog right after your own scarier then hell choking? So lets all just knock on wood and make the karma gods happy.

(Jenn, thanks for sharing your story about what your husband allowed to happen, it wasn't your fault. Or was it your fault for letting him have full power? Heh. ~wink~)

Which leads me into a story about Uncle Glenn. Uncle Glenn is a friend of mine and I once tried to get him to blog. He's SO fucking funny, but maybe just not funny to everyone. I'm part of the small minority whom things he's funny, but I hope I'm not the only member. I liked to his haven't-blogged-since-january blog anyway so you can get a feel for the guy if you choose to check him out.

So he visits at a time I'm pregnant with Allie and Ella is learning to crawl. I need to get something done so I ask glenn if he can watch the baby for a moment. "Sure!" he says which taking another bite of his cereal as he's standing in front of the tv watching The Wiggles.

I come back in less than 2 minutes and. Glenn is still watching wiggles and eating cereal in standing position. "Where is she?" I ask. And he says, "She couldn't of gotten far!"

I find her within second, in the back room, eating cat food. Yes, a 2 minute babysitting job turned into my child chowing down on some kitty nibble. Thanks Uncle Glenn, but your fired! (I have a sneaking suspicion that he just really tried to screw up if first "job" so he could guarantee never being asked for a second. Smart man.)

Here are some pictures of at least the last two (Ella being in school all day means missing out on all these pictures).

We go on walks with the little stroller and allie likes to play mommy.

Karl's mohawk. Everytime I brush his hair, I brush it to stick up. Oh yes, His hair will be trained to be a mohawk.

And this is what your already healing toe would look like if you kicked the hard little shoe of a little kid in front of you who decided to stop mid pace. It's awesome.


edenland said...

Mate - re. your choking post .. my kids have totally choked on every fucking thing. Even lint from the carpet! Ha!

I love how you post random weird stuff about your body. Your pinky toe looks sore. Cool, but sore. edenriley@gmail.com

Robin said...

Hey- don't fuck up that toe too much more or you'll have another surgery on your hands!

Alli looks like Ella in that picture with her hair up. Your kids are so cute!

Robin said...

Oh, and thanks for the morphology links! helpful

Lisa said...

The pictures of the kids are so cute! And the foot looks very painful.

jenn said...

Heh- that's ~exactly~ what I thought! ;o) thankfully she seems to have inherited his thick skull.

The kids are adorable- Allie looks so grown up! Karl is -as always- a very handsome little man! How's Ella liking school? Fitting into the schedule better?

& dude- be careful with that toe! It looks like one more bang & it could fall off!

Jen said...

Jillian is unfailingly attracted to the dog food. We usually have it blocked off, but it's hard to remember 100% of the time.

Elana Kahn said...

Mmmm cat food. I'm lucky my son doesn't cough up a furball. He likes to chew on blankets and I gave him one the other day that was all fuzzy. I was pulling tiny blue fuzzies out of his mouth...soooo gross!

Your poor foot. :-(

Jenera said...

Sam chokes a bit here and there but I think it's the whole learning process kids go through. I don't remember Aidan choking much.

When my husband 'watches' the kids, I get quite an earful when I return. He doesn't quite have the tricks I do, lol

Morgan said...

Ouch, sorry about your toe!

Although he let your child eat cat food, I like your Uncle Glenn already! And I agree, I think he tried to get fired on purpose haha!! I wonder if he will mind me stopping by his blog, I'm sure he wouldn't or you wouldn't have linked to it.

areyoukiddingme said...

Oh I know my girl is eventually going to choke on something...

Love the pictures!

Jennifer said...

"KNOCK ON WOOD!" I totally should have done that after your post! Abby choked today in Nursery at church. I was in there helping out today and she choked on something (gummies?).

It scared the crap out of the three of us (me, Abby, and teacher). Thankfully, with a few hits to the back it was over quickly.

I shouldn't have said it didn't happen to me yet! Now it has...so does that mean I've had my turn and now I'm done...with this child at least?