Monday, August 16, 2010

Bad mother of the day award goes to me.

I was just sitting at home playing with Karl when my phone rang. It was from one of ella's school mate's mom.

"Are you coming to pick up your kiddos?" she asked.

"Why? Is it an early school day?"

"It's 3:30".

Yeah. School gets out at 3:15. I completely didn't hve track of the time and I failed to pick up my girls from school! Thank god I have a parent friend there to call me and watch them until I got there. I'm a horrible mom!

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MrsSpock said...

Oops! Don't feel bad, J is dairy allergic and there have been Mondays I've forgotten to bring his milk for the week. Oops, no milk for snack time!

Kristin said...

BTDT, I totally spaced on an early pick up day and was way late for pick up.

Sarah R said...

Whoops! That sucks. At least it wasn't later, LOL. They'll get over it and you're not a bad mom.

Elana said...

Eh, don't worry about it. One time my dad was supposed to pick me up from drama class but thought I was at Hebrew school. So he went to the synagogue and of course I wasn't there. This was long before cell phones were around, so I couldn't even call him. Eventually I did get picked up, though! lol

jenn said...

It happens- my mom used to have to set all clocks ahead by about 15 minutes so she would be reasonably on time to pick us up!
I now follow the same trick- that plus cell phone reminder alarms usually tend to get me where I need to be!

Jenera said...

I think I was late once picking up Aidan but his teachers know I'm a goofball and let him hang out a bit. I'm usually there on time but it happens.