Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the poop diaries.

Karl is a pooping machine, but yesterday took the cake.

I was giving Ella a bath and Karl wanted to get in so I let him. After the bath was done, I was draining the water and I saw it. Ack! Contamination! So off to the shower to clean up both kids again.

As I was drying Ella off, Karl was running around naked. He then came up to me showing me his hands. Yup. He pooped again on the floor and picked it up and smooshed it between his fingers. Into the shower again!

And then today when I picked him up from school, I noticed he was wearing different clothes. I was quickly told he had pooped during nap time and got his hands into it, spreading it all over his clothes and his cot. Gross!

Why in the world is he playing with it? I've heard stories of other kids playing with their poop but my girls never touched theirs. Is this a boy thing? Or am I just lucky I had two kids who skipped this disgusting behavior?

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jenn said...

Oh wow. I dread the playing with poop stage- I keep hoping that we never hit it with Caiden!
Does he take his diapers off to do it? I hear duct tape works wonders for that! ;)

Jen said...

Jillian shoved her hand down into her poopy diaper the other day. Awesome.

Misty Dawn said...


Shannon said...

Oh yuk! My mom told me stories of one of my brothers doing that. Thankfully neither of my kids have done that.

I don't think it's a gender thing. I think it's just a certain kid thing. I know Sam wouldn't do it. He thinks it's yucky. Let's hope Karl loses interest in that soon!

Hollie said...

One of those stories where I can't help but laugh, even though I know it's really not funny. We have only had one poop playtime, but we've had some close calls. Probably if I had other kids I would not have noticed him digging in his pants and would have had a mess.

MrsSpock said...

One of my sisters not only loved playing in her poop, but eating it to. This is when she was a toddler. And believe me, we've never let her forget it!

mamahearsawho said...

my boy has never touched his poop. i mean, he would touch it if he reached down to play with himself during a diaper change before i cleaned it, but he is not at all interested in poop as a tactile thing.

of course, we're "lucky" that he is sort of a constipated kid and almost always poops "balls" instead of smooshy poop.

Jamie said...

Oh, GAWD. I hope it's not a gender thing. If so, I need to start preparing myself now.