Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy birthday my dear Allison!

Wednesday is my sweet Allie's birthday. She is going to be a big 5 year old.

I just went shopping for all the birthday supplies and presents. Now all I need is the food, but I will get that all on Friday.

How in the world I have a five year old and a six year old is beyond me. Time just flies by so quickly. I miss my little babies but I'm also excited to see them grow.
For her birthday party this coming weekend, she wants a water party. So I got water guns and water baloons for all the kids. I will put out a twirly sprinkler and the slip n slide too. Here's hoping the Colorado weather cooperates with me and it'll be a nice, hot day.

Happy birthday my sweet girl.

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Kristin said...

Happy Happy Birthday Allison!

jenn said...

Happy birthday Allison!!! What a grown up lady she is becoming! Hope you have a beautiful day.

Lisa said...

Happy birthday Allison! Here's to hoping you have weather as beautiful as you are...