Monday, August 23, 2010

My poor baby boy.

Karl was running into the kitchen and tripped on his own feet. He did a faceplant into the garage door. I watched it like it was in slow motion. I couldn't catch him, instead I watched him land on his face. I feel so very bad for him. He's got a huge goose egg on his forehead now. My poor baby boy!

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Elana said...

Oh no!!!! My little boy is always getting himself into trouble with black and blue marks and such. He even fell down some stairs and got a nice gash on his forehead. *sigh* I think their bumps and bruises hurt us more than they do them.

jenn said...

Poor babe! I am sure he forgot all about it in about a heartbeat!
Caiden literally ran face first into my bil the other day as he was stepping over the gate & catapulted backwards- no ones fault, but you feel so bad!
Plus- she was easily distracted by a spatula. Her new favorite toy...