Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Food ideas?

Does anyone out there want to share their children's favorite things to eat for breakfast amd lunch? Karl is such a picky eater and I need suggestions of what else to try.

Right now he is eating oatmeal. And he seems to even like it. Amazing! He won't eat pancakes waffles or french toast. He won't eat eggs. He won't eat toast or English muffins or bagels. I just end up getting some fruit down in his tummy.

He eats like a bird. I don't understand how the kid evem gains weight with the amount of food he eats. It makes me feel like a bad mommy when I can't get him to eat a good meal.

So, any suggestions?

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areyoukiddingme said...

Yogurt! My girl is not a picky eater, but I think yogurt is a universal love for kids. It's sweet, it has smooth texture - nothing to object to.

As far as lunch goes, lunchmeat is a favorite - roast beef, ham, turkey - any of it. Also, cheese. The kid will not eat any pasta (except for the occasional mac & cheese), but she will almost always eat peanut butter. Mashed potatoes. Peas. Fruit is always good when you can't get anything else in, but can cause unpleasantness on the other end.

Don't worry too much about it - before you know it, he'll be eating everything in sight.

Mermaid said...

My kids are picky eaters and just a tad younger than Karl. However, we finally figured out that they are just bored with bland food. They liked spice! Maybe not hot salsa, but they liked tortilla soup, refried beans, cinnamon spiced apples. Yogurt is also a clear winner. Especially the apple cinnamon yo-baby, which is very hard to find where I live. Avocado/quacamole is my daughter's top pick.

My daughter has a texture issue, too. So perhaps he is sensitive to textures or temperatures. Have you tried smoothies? You can blend yogurt, fruit, juice to make a tasty and healthy treat. My nephew just loves sausage, mac and cheese, and black olives. You just never know what they'll like. Good luck!

Kelly said...

My daughter is not very much older than Karl and is also insanely picky right now. I started her on gummi vitamins last week and she loves them! It's a relief for me knowing the gaps in her diet are filled in.

Other things my daughter will eat:

-yogurt with the fruit and veggie combo
-V8 Fusion which has a full serving of fruit and veggie.
-cottage cheese
-canned peaches
-fruit (no melon or pears)
-Morningstar Farms chicken nuggets
-Chex or Cheerios
-"cupcakes" (homemade zucchini or carrot muffins)

Christina said...

I was going to suggest yogurt or applesauce. Annika hates both but will eat just about anything else.

kate said...

does he like spaghetti? my guys love spaghetti squash served like spaghetti. (i'm pretty sure they think its noodles.) they also love garden burgers.

mostly the hate anything bland, (they even love curry) so we put spices on everything. even apples get sprikled with cinnamon. maybe karl just wants some more flavor in his food? good luck!

Robin said...

Who says he has to eat breakfast foods? Give him lunch meat, cheese, fruit... crackers with cream cheese?

Kristin said...

My younger daughter is also very picky. She's almost 3 now and she still eats like a bird. I feel like a bad mom sometimes too--but we shouldn't. My pedi keeps reminding me that they will eat when they are hungry, and some kids simply have lower calorie needs than others.
At that age, my older daughter loved "junior" Lunchables. I think they still make them. They are lunch meat and cheese already cut up into small bites for toddlers.

Both my kids are huge fans of yogurt. And applesauce. Does he like toast? My kids love cinnamon-sugar toast.

A smoothie is another breakfast option....just throw some fruit, yogurt, ice and apple juice into a blender. You can also buy frozen packets that have that stuff already in it.

Jennifer said...

Cereal (cherrios, chex, etc...w or w/o milk).
Breakfast sausage.
Cottage Cheese, cheese sticks (like string cheese).
Crackers (gold fish, animal crackers, etc.)
Canned peaches and mandarin oranges (no added sugar)
Donuts (rare treat)
Turkey/Ham & cheese sandwich (no fixings, low sodium meat) with soft oatmeal bread...both my kids like this.
Mac N Cheese.
Chicken nuggets and fish sticks.
Corn on the cob.
Vegetable soup (healthy request w/ low sodium).
Pinto beans.

Jenera said...

My darlings love any kind of dry cereal in the morning. They also love peanut butter sandwiches in the morning-no jelly. Pancakes are always good or french toast sticks.

For lunch, they will eat anything. Chicken nuggets, baked chicken, potatoes, noodles, rice. Oddly they prefer the whole wheat noodles over regular noodles which is weird. Fruit and veggies are always a good choice too.

dianam17 said...

My son Dylan is 18 months old.

for breakfast he eats either a pancake, french toast OR oatmeal. in addition, he has a piece of fruit, usually 1/2 a banana (now that its summer, we've had more variety.

for lunch, he eats a sandwich on wheat bread- turkey or ham & cheese, sunbutter & jelly, or just recently i have given him tuna. he gets 1 or 2 sides- either a fruit or veggie, and something crunchy like mini rice cakes (he loves the ranch ones), cheese or vanilla flavored fish, veggie sticks (in the chip aisle; loves to dip them in humus). if we are at home- since he can use a spoon, but is still too messy with it- we also do yogurt, mac & cheese (loves trader joes brand), or spaghetti rings (he likes the organic store brand of the grocery store by our house) and earths best canned soups.

we do cereal bars (he loves the ones from trader joes, dont know if you have that by you?), fruit cups (the ones in the natural juice, but i still rinse them off first, call me crazy), applesauce, freeze dried fruit, hotdogs, nuggets, raviolis, meatballs, cheese sticks, quesadillas (loves to dip them in gaucamole), corn muffin, berry/wheat muffins, and any kind of cracker...

for a short while, i was having a hard time giving him veggies. he normally loves them, but i guess he was going through a phase. i found this recipe online where a woman put frozen mixed veggies in to corn muffin mix. dylan eats those like he has never eaten before. i cringe at the price of them, but i do get the yo baby 3 in 1 meal yogurts for the days he refuses the veggies. i keep them on hand as a back up.

nancy said...

Thanks for the time you all spent in giving me ideas. I really appreciate it.

My son is a vegetarian. I can't get him to eat any type of meat. Chicken nuggets, nope. Hot dogs, nope. Lunchmeat? Double nope. And he also doesn't like peanut butter. Seriously, what kid doesn't like pb&j? Apparently my kid!

Hollie said...

Chesley eats oatmeal almost every day too. He loves bacon, and he will usually eat a banana. He is picky too.