Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The best.

I love when I'm already awake when the girls wake up. Not that it happens often, as they wake up at 7am, but it does happen.

They are just in that sleepy, cuddly mode and I get to just sit down and have two girls on my lap cuddling with me. Their morning breath doesn't even bother me. They cuddle me, I cuddle them. And then Karl kicks whomever is on my left side.

Can life be any better for me right now?

I know we all have reasons for being blessed. Not having children yet doesn't mean you are not blessed. It just means that something else is what makes your heart warm right now. For me, it's this early morning love.

Forgive my sappiness.


Jenera said...

This happened to me last night. During the night, the hubby brought the baby in bed with us which meant Sam wanted to snuggle with me before falling asleep. At some point Aidan came and got in bed with us so I had a kid on each side of me plus the hubby. When I woke up (way too early) to feed Sam, it was a good feeling, though cramped, to have us all in bed together and warm and safe and snuggly.

Hollie said...

I can't wait for mornings like that.

jenn said...

I have the warm fuzzies right now! And I just got kicked, but in the middle... ;o)

Amanda said...

What a wonderful "best"!

areyoukiddingme said...

For the last few weeks, my daughter has insisted that wake up time is actually sit on the couch and snuggle time. It's really nice, because the rest of the time, she's 2.