Sunday, December 21, 2008

What's the harm in television?

I was a latch-key kid growing up and I was raised by the glow of the television. But I was a very active kid and when I could go out and play - I did. I don't think I ever ~choose~ television over active play.

So when I need to occupy the kid's, I let them watch cartoons. Yeah, yeah, I hear all the negative things about it, but it's not like I'm letting them watch porn and Saw III.

And then I realized it.

Ella runs to me while I'm in the shower with almost a panic. "Mommy! Mommy!"

"What?!" as I throw open the shower curtain.

"The t.v. says you have to buy [this] NOW!!! You have to get out and CALL NOW!"

Ahhh. The commercial watching has started :)


Amanda said...

The joys of commercials. And then the "I want that for [insert holiday here]!!!!" begins.

So the cartoons aren't bad, but the advertisements will drive you up a wall!

Hollie said...

Too cute. I don't see the harm in kids watching a lil tv either. Sometimes you just need a moment of quiet.

Jewels said...

LOL- I remember Dylan waking me up one morning when he was really little saying "Mom - You gotta come see this on TV!!" I go and see an infomercial for like Bam Cleaner or something - he says "It's a cleaner that cleans everything fast so you can spend more time playing with me!!" then he goes on to recite the commercial and all it cleans - I laughed so hard.

Morgan said...

LOL! Oh my! Just hope she doesnt start dialing the 1-800 numbers next since you only have "the next 5 mins. to call"!

Heather said...

Oh yes. My daughter bugged me about wanting things in commercials. Then we had a long talk about what marketing is and how they want you to spend money on things you don't really need. Have fun with that.