Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The nursery is really done now.

I had the nursery pretty much done a few weeks ago, but I knew I wanted to add in a full size bed. So after buying a bed and another purchase at Pottery Barn Kids, I'm done. (okay, still not quite true, as we're waiting for the rest of the orange curtains to be in stock, but that's a minor issue.)

Here you can see the completed bed in a few different shots. I don't really like the dust ruffle, but it's hard to find a color that matched. So until then, I'm sticking with plain ole white.

There isn't too much room left between the end of the bed and the crib/shelf, but this space really isn't needed to be big. I think it's just fine. And since I'm not lucky enough to have a large sized room like so many nursery pictures I see around the blog world, I have to make due, right?

Here is a close up of the throw rug. It matches just so well. The part you can't see is where the stripes turn dark blue, matching the comforter perfectly.

Nothing has changed on the crib, but hell, I just like it enough to show it again.

I'm not big on stuffed animals. In fact, I'm actually quite against them. Kids simply get ~too many~. I have packed up bags and bags (the large lawn bags too) of stuffed animals and stuck in storage. They have so many, they didn't even notice! However, I think every kid should have a few. These are the ones I've gotten Karl so far. I'm so lucky to have found the perfect colored orange ones.

Here is the swing. It's just being stored here right now, as it'll move out into the living room eventually. The only thing I don't like about it is the color, but the darker colored ones weren't this soft. And I am a believer in the swings that swing both ways. Ella liked to be swung side to side, Allison front to back. Swings are worth their weight in gold to me.

The first of the punk posters we are leaving in his room is from a Shellac and Fugazi show Tom and I road tripped it to Chicago to see.

I had this one before I met Tom, but it's so cute, it's almost made for a nursery.

Okay, except for maybe one little part of the poster. ~wink~

Last week I was packing up all the halloween decorations we had just stuck in the garage and I told Tom there was still a skull in the baby's room. Off he went to get it. A moment later he returned empty handed and said "I vote to keep it in his room." I just had to laugh because as I sent Tom off to go get it, I had the same thought. The skull has since picked up an accessory.

This is me looking pretty fucking hot tonight. I love not only the no makeup look, but also the ridiculous nightgown, crazy hair and the dark circles under my eyes from getting zero sleep lately.


jenn said...

First off- your nursery is about 2 of mine! I can't imagine being able to fit a full size bed in the room period, much less with a crib & changing table & chair!
It looks fantastic & I LOVE the freaky orange bunny toy! I want to get those super soft flannel monster stuffed animals- I'll have to find the link- they're adorable! Amazing that you not only still have those posters, but that they fit so well in his room. Looks great- just needs one more thing... ;o)
That can wait a few more weeks though!

Misty Dawn said...

Too Cute Nancy!! What a great idea to keep the bed in the nursery. Although I've never had children, it seems like it would be helpful on those sleepless nights.

Yep, you're looking HOT!

Morgan said...

The nursery is lovely!! I LOVE the colors in the rug, it just sets the whole room off...LOVE LOVE LOVE it women! OMG and the belly?!? Is it ok for me to say that it's HUGE?!? Last I remember of you in a dress (besides your biweekly belly pics) was the blue my you have grown! YAY! exciting!

Anonymous said...

I love the nursery! I love LOVE the carpet. It totally rocks. The bright colors -- and orange. Super cool.

And you look great in the rockin' nightie!!


Ali said...

Swings are most definitely worth their weight in gold! Room looks great, can't wait to see Karl in it!

Hollie said...

The nursery looks great! I love the punk rock vibes and the bright orange! The room looks really big, even with the bed. And you look great as always!

Truck Driver Wife said...

LOve the nursery pics!!

Sarah R said...

The nursery looks awesome!

And hey, look at you, Mom! I had to snicker a little at the pic.

Wordgirl said...

Jesus Nancy -- you're one pretty lady!

Beautiful nursery -- and I've told you right that W & G love Shellac? They play it in the car because they think it drives me crazy -- (fooled them -- I actually like it)

Hey and I nudged you on my blog today!



Jen said...

It looks great. And don't worry, I live in a miniature house, with miniature rooms. So my little one is going to have to deal with tight quarters, unless he starts working at a very early age and can buy mom and dad new digs.

Motel Manager said...

It's looking really good!

Not in the Water said...

You remind of meryl streep in your pic...and I really really mean that in a nice week...the young meryl streep of course!!

ssbean said...

Nice belly pic.
I would love to be able to put a bed in our nursery, but right now, ours isn't even big enough for that. Reason is, I can sleep in her room if she's sick. I don't know, it just makes a lot of sense to me, for more than just that reason. I do love how it all matches though. Do you want to come visit me and do some interior decorating for our nursery?

margelina said...

It's amazing! Now all you need is Karl, lol!

Beth said...

Nancy, that is the swing we bought too. In all the displays at the stores the motor was incredibly loud and kind of clicked. I also found that that was a complaint on some reviews through BRU, but I loved it and still wanted to get it home and try it out for myself. I didn't know if you had noticed anything like that on yours. Last night jeremy put it together and half the time there was the annoying clicking noise and the other half it was fine. I figure I'll wait to see how it is w/ a baby in it, but was curious if you had noticed that.

Amanda said...

Your nursery is bigger than mine, for sure. But truly, it's not like the kid cares what size his room is until he gets much older, right? The whole room rocks!

OK, I'll admit I can't see the picture well enough to inspect for circles and lack of makeup or anything, but you still look bitchin' to me!