Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I got a letter from each of my children!

It was my first letter from them. And it warmed my heart so much.

As I'm going through my mail, I see the 2 envelopes I sent with them addressed to "Mommy". One from Ella. One from Allison.

I sent the envelopes with them and told them they can send me pictures in the mail and the mailman would bring it to me. They were stoked to be able to utilize the mailman, but I wasn't sure I'd actually get anything. But I did and I'm so glad.

I'm going to color some pictures tonight and get it off in the mail. Due to the 1st, they should still get it by Friday.


jenn said...

Awww- that is so sweet! They must ahve sent it the day they got there- what good girls!

Jenera said...

How freakin' cute!

nancy said...

They sent it yesterday. They didn't get there until sat afternoon and the mailman already came. No mail on Sunday and then theymailed it yesterday. Believe me, they told me all about it each day! :) Ella said "I haven't finished your pictures, but don't worry, I'll have PLENTY of time before the mailmain comes."

Hollie said...

So cute!