Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The kids are away, so mommy shall play clean.

I just spent 7 1/2 hours cleaning the kids room. And when I mean clean, I mean take out every single loose item, making huge pile in the living room, and making order out of everything. I find parts to all items w/ parts. I toss lame happy meal toys and other such cheap things. I pack away toys and animals the kids like, but aren't playing with just now. I'll take all that back out at a later date. I also got a huge bag of toys together for goodwill.

Whew. Everything is perfect. Everything has it's place and all it's part: closets, boxes, under beds, toy chests, drawers, everything. I'm tired, since it's 3am, but wanted to post a bajillion pictures of the kids' room.

Here is looking straight in from the doorway. That's the new Barbie Diamond Castle you see.

Now I turn a little, and you can see how I have toys stored along the wall.

Turn more and you can see their dresser, quilt rack and Peter Pan the Tortoise's house on top. We had him in other room and now I don't know what to do with him.

A few little boxes on the wall to hold their nick knacks and the beginning of their bed.

The bunk bed in all it's glory.

The weird hammock I have hanging from the ceiling over Ella's bed. They simply have too many stuffed animals. And I take bags and bags over to storage.

The space at the end of the bed is taken up by the dress up box. The Dora House is next to it too. As is the hanging ballerina bow holder. (you can see the other one for allison hanging above the hamper in picture 4)

All the way around now. Fun shot of the bathroom. Look close and you can see my belly in the mirror.

Closeup of Allison's bed. (see the aquarium? These were in their cribs when they were born. Still, every single night, they push the button to watch their fishies as they go to sleep.)

Closeup of Ella's bed. (Margelina, the book rack is PBKs)

Closeup of weird hammock thing. But it works!

Closeup of Dora toy boxes for all their small toys.

I added a tub for baby dolls only.

Another tub for the animals:

Their table/chairs:

Play kitchen and small bookshelf for bigger toys.

The storage boxes that fit perfectly under the bed. Each one has it's own organized contents.

This shows the little basket for tiny stuffed animals.

This one shows the quilt rack and the things I save for the girls - bronzed shoes, flowers they got at birth, hand prints in clay, special mementos.

And finally, the other small shelf which has their names in wooden letters on it and then their newborn pictures above it.

Whew. I'm really tired. It's 3:38am. Time to pass out.

post note - I am reading this 7 hours laters and it was so chock-full of spelling mistakes and "wtf was I saying?" mistakes too. Apparently proof reading and spell check don't function at 3:30am.


jenn said...

Wow- their room is awesome! I remember my parents never really got rid of anything- so we ended up with an entire room packed full of toys. I cleaned it out & had a yard sale at 11/12 so I could have my own room. And I made over $200.

Now- I know I will be editing Caiden's toys a lot! I don't want that kind of clutter in my house! The bins are great- I love how neat & organized everything is- not that I expect any less from you!

Jen said...

Yeah what is the deal with stuffed animals? Jillian already has boat loads. I wish I could ban them but family members just keep buying them. I'll NEVER buy any kid a stuffed animal again.

Morgan said...

Damn, all that and it will all be scattered everywhere within an hour when they get home, lol j/k! i hope not for your sake! It all looks really nice!

Hollie said...

I bet you are tired. It looks great in there. You are so organized!

Sarah R said...

Their room is so cute!!! I used to love it when my mom would clean my room. I'd do everything possible to keep it clean...for a couple days anyway. ;)

margelina said...

Wow! My girls' room is that same color purplr, too. I also used a bin like that for the baby dolls! And the hammock...it's a "pet net"! I had them when I was young and we have 3 of them in the corners of the playroom right now filled with stuffed animals. I need you to come to my house and organize and make space, lol. I'm terrible at utilizating space wisely.
Where did you find that rack by the bed that their books go in? Awesome idea!

Julie said...

Nice work! Looks like someone is nesting :) How long do you give it once they get home? hehe

Monica Fayth said...

wow! looks great. you wanna come over and help with my nursery?

Denise said...

I love when everything is in its place. I don't think I'll get that feeling for awhile now until we find places for all the new crap in the house! I can't believe you were up until 3 doing this. If I had known, I could have called to chat. Stupid fucking fire alarm in the hospital was going off for three hours last night.

Jenera said...

So my kid isn't the only one with a surplus of toys! I'm so glad!

I go through his toys at least once a month and get rid of the ones he doesn't play with (or never did) and clean them and match things up. It's ridiculous how many toys can be accumulated.

Luckily he's more into cars these days so cleaning means just gathering all the damn things and putting them in one bucket.

Jenera said...

Oh, and a question: are your girls good about picking up after themselves?

We had a discussion about this in regards to some family members' kids and they never pick up their toys. Aidan is not quite three and if I ask to pick things up, he does a pretty good job of doing it. Some of our friends were amazed but I've been having him 'help' clean since early on so I didn't know if this is normal with kids.

nancy said...

Jenera - yes, they clean up really well actually. They don't do it on their own for the most part, but I can say "clean your room" and they will clean it pretty damned well. I'm actually impressed.

areyoukiddingme said...

They will be so excited to see their room all clean - it will be like a whole new place. We're trying to keep the toys under control, but it probably won't last for long. Their room looks like a fun place to hang out.

Ali said...

When did you get the bunk beds? I think I remember you talking about it, but the last pictures I saw they still had the matching brown cribs. I love it!

Heather said...

Excellent work! Love the pics! I'll be doing something similar once I get past the first trimester tiredness. Phoebe has a playroom across from her bedroom that will be the nursery for the twins. Phoebe has a big bedroom and walk-in closet, so it won't be a huge hardship to move everything into her bedroom, but I'll be cleaning everything up as I go along and give her a few extra touches, such as new bookshelves and such to make it less of a pain for her. And I need to get one of those hammock things, my MIL had them for the youngest three of my SILs and they are awesome for stuffed animals!

Amanda said...

LOVE that you have book racks by their beds.

mommy2anthony said...

The room looks GREAT!!! I love the the shelfs with the pictures.Weren't they Professional? Did you do that with Karl too?